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December 22, 2010

Support Cannon Beach Ban the Bag January 4th!

Join us January 4th – 7pm at Cannon Beach City Council to help pass a resolution in support of our statewide effort to Ban the Bag during the next legislative session. Get the facts below, help by just showing up and if you RSVP to, you’ll get a ban the bag button or plastic-free sticker when you come to the council meeting! Let’s do it Cannon Beach! We hope to see you there!

November 18, 2010

Cape Falcon Marine Reserve Community Makes Final Recommendations

Last week, the Cape Falcon Marine Reserve Community Team completed their task after meeting for 11 months and submitted their final recommendation for a marine reserve. To download the final map, click here. The final recommendation was passed by a vote of 9-7, and was the same as the original proposal that was recommended by the Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC). Different scenarios were discussed and voted on, but none received a majority of the votes needed to move forward. The recommendation will now move onto to ODFW for review, and then to OPAC at their meeting on December 6/7 in Newport. Pending OPAC’s approval of this recommendation, along with others from the areas of Cape Perpetua and Cascade Head, the State Legislature will consider a policy bill during the 2011 session to provide funding for monitoring, research, and enforcement. Stay tuned for ongoing ways to help support this important effort and see these recommendations come to fruition. The Portland Chapter and the North Coast Organizing Committee would like to thank David McLaughlin, Brian Shultz, York Johnson, and Larry Crawshaw for representing non-consumptive recreational users, as well as all of the Cape Falcon community team members for their hard work and dedication throughout this process. photo credit Ben Neives

November 3, 2010

Organizing Meeting 11/8, Cannon Beach

The Clatsop County Organizing Committee for Surfrider Foundation will be meeting on Monday, November 8th, 6:00 pm at the Warren House in Cannon Beach. Drop in and find out what volunteers are up to in your neighborhood. The group will be discussing the continuation of water quality sampling and analysis of the Ecola Court outfall, the rise above plastics campaign, and the final upcoming meeting for the Cape Falcon Marine Reserve Community Team on November 10th. This will be the last meeting of the community team and your voice and support is greatly appreciated. Find out more, email

September 3, 2010

Rise Above Plastic Launches on Cannon Beach

With all of the buzz from the plastic on the beach and in our oceans, over the past year our activists on the north coast have made a strong effort to do outreach and education to local residents, schools, businesses and elected officials on the issue. Presenting science with solutions and led by local members Michael Manzulli, Katie Saso and Beth Phillips, the team did a great job over the past year and has a lot more to come! “We’d like to see Cannon Beach joining the Northwest Grocery Association and so many more in supporting statewide legislation to reduce the use of single use plastics. Read more in these great articles from the Cannon Beach Gazette: Environmental Organizations to Ban the Bag? and another article here on the community grant. Big props to all our volunteers and special thanks to Cannon Beach Parks and Community Service Committee for making this community grant possible.

April 30, 2010

Pardon the delay…we’re doing some maintenance. Intermittent updates may be available at

April 30, 2010

Rise Above Plastics Comes Alive on the North Coast!

Heaps of karma points, props and shout outs go to our north coast volunteers who’ve been doing some killer events and programming around their Rise Above Plastic initiative. Spearheaded by Mike Manzulli, the group helped put on a presentation and plastic forum with Stiv Wilson and the crew from the 5 Gyres Project., bringing together a great group to discuss the dangers of plastic and the alarming amount of marine debris that is increasing along our coastlines. 
Bringing together volunteers from across all over for the SOLV beach Cleanup, Surfrider volunteers captained a site in Cannon Beach and the entire zone from Astoria to Cannon Beach helping to coordinate individual beach captains, trash hauling and plenty of volunteer stoke. Additionally they gave away tons of free reusable bags as a reminder for the Ban the Bag campaign and to help participants remember to be reusable every day! Right around celebration for earth day, the group did some awesome tabling and participation in the Earth Wind and Sea Parade, helping to further their message for the rise above plastic initiative. 
And continuing in that spirit, volunteers Beth Phillips and Katie Sokolowski did an amazing Rise Above Plastics assembly and “trashy whale” project with the students of Cannon Beach Elementary. Tim Roth and many other volunteers continue to help keep the Blue Water Task force on track and the city is continuing efforts for source id work with the Ecola outfall bacteria issues.
April 23, 2010

Tales from the Atlantic Gyre – Plastic Awareness Event

Tales from the Atlantic Gyre
This TUESDAY – APRIL 27TH – 7:00 pm
 Cannon Beach Chamber Building
Former Portland Chapter Chair Stiv Wilson will give a slideshow and tell stories of his adventures to sample and document the Atlantic Gyre plastic pollution firsthand. Stiv sailed for 6 weeks on a research vessel through the 5 gyres project and he’s now doing a west coast tour to help raise awareness of the ever growing plastic pollution issues we face in our oceans and along our beaches. Don’t miss!
April 1, 2010

Water Quality and Upcoming Volunteer Opportunites/Events!

Recent High Readings Subside at Ecola Outfall
Most folks probably recieved the high spike reading we recently got a Ecola Court Outfall on 03/29. After last month’s meeting with the City of Cannon Beach’s water quality workgroup, we were able to establish and better understand a protocol for responding to such high readings and doing follow up testing and analysis of data to better source the bacteria. The city followed up with testing on 03/30 and the levels at the outfall had subsided to 79.4 (below the health advisory level) from the previous day’s readings of 3,000+. Further testing upstream showed low levels at Coolidge St. lateral at 4.1 and 6.3 at the upper stream location beyond the urban watershed. Staff has now made field investigative trip through every feature in this drainage. Next, they have scheduled some vactor work so they can look for all of the tell tale signs associated with sewage cross connections.

Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Thanks to all for coming out and helping support the beach cleanups! Great work by all our volunteers, it was terrific to see such a nice Surfrider presence in Cannon Beach and the bag giveaway was a big hit and great for our Rise Above Plastics efforts. Big props to Mike Manzulli, Staj Pace and Tara Gallagher for all their support on this…next up:

Cannon Beach Elementary Rise Above Plastics Program (April 14th – Cannon Beach)
Hands on programming and presentation – volunteer! contact

Earth Wind and Sea Parade and Street Fair (April 24th – Cannon Beach):
Short parade and street fair. Rise Above Plastics tabling – volunteer! contact:
Earth Wind and Sea Celebration: Presentation 7pm (April 27th Cannon Beach Chamber Building)
Stiv Wilson of Portland Chapter of Surfrider Foundation will be presenting on his research mission to the Atlantic Gyre, documenting and raising awareness of the ever growing plastic pollution in our oceans.

February 12, 2010

Water Quality Update and Upcoming Happenings

Results from this week’s monitoring showed undetectable levels again of bacteria at Cannon Beach’s Ecola Outfall! Results were from Monday, February 8th’s sampling. Upcoming happenings:

Monday March 8th: Blue Water Discussion, Commissioner Mushen’s house, 1pm
Join us for “Coffee with the Commissioner” on March 8th at 1:00 pm to discuss water quality issues, blue water task force and progress/direction on Ecola Court water quality concerns with Clatsop County Commissioner Mushen

Monday March 8th: Clatsop Surfrider Meeting, Warren House, Cannon Beach 7-8pm
Join us for brews and discussion on upcoming Rise Above Plastics education/outreach, beach cleanups, blue water task force and other upcoming meetings and events.

Thursday March 11th: Public Works Committee Meeting, City Hall, Cannon Beach 9am
We begin our discussion and game plan to work with the public works committee on sourcing and reducing bacterial contamination in the Ecola Court urban watershed and beach.

February 2, 2010

Blue Water Update

Water quality readings have subsided and restricted sampling efforts are making this issue ever so difficult to track. The good news is that the City of Cannon Beach is working over the next couple of months to develop a plan and strategy for increased sampling and source id efforts with folks interested in working on this issue. The Public Works Committee has taken this issue on and interested citizens and the public are encouraged to support this process. The goal is simple. Source and reduce bacterial contamination at Ecola Court beach outfall. Think you can help, want to get involved? Contact

Surfrider Blue Water Task Force Recent Results Summary:

Ecola Court Pipe freshwater outfall: 282
Ecola Court, ocean sample: 10

Ecola Court Pipe freshwater outfall: 30
Ecola Court Pipe freshwater outfall: <10

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