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January 5, 2010 | 2 Comments

Happy New Year to the Bacteria at Ecola Court

Water Quality Results: 01/04/2009
Ecola Court Outfall: 432***
Ecola Court Beach (ocean): 341***
***Still nearly over double the health advisory limit

Next Organizing Meeting: Monday January 11, 2009:
6:30 pmTora Sushi, Seaside Oregon (corner of Holladay and Broadway in Seaside)
December 20, 2009

Weekly H20 Report

We’ll be testing again on Monday…not so good this last week:

Ecola Court Outfall: 443

Ecola Creek Outfall: 171
October 12, 2009

Blue Water Task Force Takes on Ecola Court Outfall


A few highlights from the recent BWTF training…recently Oregon Field Coordinator, Charlie Plybon presented the Ecola Court water quality issue to the Cannon Beach City Council with a favorable response from council members to work collaboratively on the issue for solutions and best management practices. At the recommendation of the City Council, the City will hopefully be forming a task force soon to work on this importan issue.

September 24, 2009

City of Cannon Beach Moves on Ecola Court Water Quality

Clatsop County Organizing Committee for Surfrider Foundation has been concerned for some time about the lack of notification despite known poor water quality conditions at the Ecola Court Outfall. Yesterday, in a conference call with Cannon Beach City Manager Richard Mays and Director of Public Works Mark See, Charlie Plybon, Oregon Field Coordinator for Surfrider Foundation, was able to express the concerns of citizens and recreational ocean and beach users. The outcomes were positive and the City will be moving forward placing a notification sign at the Ecola Court Outfall in addition to developing a citizen-based City Task Force to work on long term efforts for best management practices for stormwater and improving water quality conditions within the watershed…kudos to the City of Cannon Beach for finally responding to concerned citizens on this issue!
September 1, 2009

Health advisories for water contact continue in Cannon Beach

Brookings and Newport have knocked down bacteria numbers at Mill Beach and Nye Beach by hunting down cross connections between sewers and storm water pipes and working with local Surfrider Foundation members. In the meantime, Cannon Beach issues continue at Ecola court outfall and local members have been frustrated with the lack of public warnings despite the known contamination. The City of Cannon Beach has been active in trying to source the bacteria, but has yet to develop a plan for communicating the issue or involving the public in solutions…much to the dismay of ocean users, local residents and beachgoers. Will someone get sick or will the city get savvy to notification?
July 6, 2009

Next Organizers Meeting Monday July 13th

Where: Warren House, Cannon Beach
When: July 13th, 7:00 pm

Join us this Monday as the Curry County Organizers get together to discuss the ongoing Blue Water Task Force Efforts and plan for the upcoming screening of Teton Gravity Research’s latest Out There surf film!

May 28, 2009

North Coast Organizers Hault Land Development at Arcadia

Through the support of watershed councils, local community members and activists, the development proposal at Arcadia Beach developer has been withdrawn!!! Major props to our north coast activists from sparing the coast of this development of a recreationally zoned coastal propertyRead Astorian Article. Next up on tap for the organizers is to follow the development to make sure a reapplication and request for altering the request for a planning rezone doesn’t rear its head in some other fashion. Water quality testing will continue throughout the summer thanks to the steady dedication of Tim Roth’s class and summer intern. They’ll be looking to team up woth Ecola Creek Watershed Council to work on some bacteria monitoring and source identification, stepping up some of there Rise Above Plastic efforts, and hopefully running an event or two to help build capacity and raise awareness! Thanks to everyone’s efforts on the north coast!!
May 20, 2009

Tim Roth

Tim Roth Test Post

February 26, 2009

Common Ground III and Commission Meeting March 10th

On Tuesday, March 10th, the Clatsop County Planning Commission will hold another hearing at 1:00 pm with regard to the rezoning of what was once Arcadia State Park lands. Scroll down to the blog post below for more information or visit:;=12. Also on March 10th, a screening of the film Common Ground III will be held in Astoria at the Liberty Theatre at 6:00 pm. The third film in the Common Ground series offers the latest science and information about Oregon’s ocean, beautiful underwater footage and 3D graphics of marine reserves and marine protected areas as well as comments from coastal leaders and business owners who were actively involved in developing marine reserve proposals. The screening will be followed by a Q&A; panel discussion and is a free event, open to the public. All are welcome to share in the discussion on this vital issue.
January 7, 2009

Help Stop the Arcadia Beach Development!

Please help! What was once Arcadia State Park is soon to be a subdivision if the developer successfully petitions Clatsop County to rezone all of these lands. As an important watershed and stormwater buffer, the recreational area at Arcadia Beach stands to be threatened through further congestion and a myriad of water quality and stormwater issues. Attached below are Surfrider Foundation’s official comments. You can help too by simply writing a letter to stating your interest and that you oppose the rezoning. Comments should be directed to: Clatsop County Planning and Development, 800 Exchange Street, Suite 100, Astoria OR 97103, Attention Michael Weston. Written comments also can be submitted by e-mail (at or by fax: 503-338-3666.

Here are the facts:
Arcadia State Park was originally acquired to provide not only beach access from its popular parking lot, but for other purposes as well. The land was traded from State Parks to an individual for an acquisition for the new Stub Stewart State park near Venonia. The land is currently zoned for both “Recreational Management” and “Agriculture-Forestry”. The developer is seeking to illegally rezone this property for a quick profit on a subdivision that ultimately would threaten water quality amongst many other watershed and beach issues at this popular recreational area. This former parkland at Arcadia is not accessible by existing water and sewer lines. All water would have to be drawn from small streams or wells above Arcadia Beach. All houses would have to install septic tanks.